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Welcome To Arizona TMJ & Sleep Center of Excellence – TMJ Treatment and Dental Sleep Medicine

About Neuromuscular Dentistry

What is the difference between neuromuscular treatment for TMJ & TMD and typical dental treatment for TMJ & TMD?

Traditional dental treatment of TMJ & TMD relies on a combination of a random bite splints, drugs and psychiatric treatment but only treats the symptoms (pain) without treating the root cause of the disorder.

Neuromuscular dentistry uses sophisticated EMG and TENS technology to analyze and properly diagnose the underlying causes of your pain. By correctly diagnosing and treating the misalignment of the bite, the symptoms; jaw pain, headaches, migraines, neck and shoulder pain, can be eliminated. This can usually be accomplished without the need for potentially addicting pain medications which only mask the underlying problem.

The goal of neuromuscular dentistry is the elimination of the source of your pain.

Our Team

From the moment patients attend the first consultation appointment to any follow-up appointments in the future, our team creates a comfortable and welcoming environment for treatment. With TMD, the main issue is that people do not always receive the proper diagnosis for the pain. Thus, they will continue with an ineffective treatment method and continue living with recurring symptoms. By using EMG and TENS technology, Dr. Chase can identify the symptoms and help eliminate the pain. We will customize the treatment plan to the needs of the patient, so they do not have to continue living with pain and not know the cause. Call us to learn how we can help provide lasting pain relief today.

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Our Services

Our services revolve around treating TMJ & TMD, sleep apnea, chronic pain, and related symptoms. TMD affects much more than just the patient’s jaw. With traditional dental treatment of TMJ & TMD, patients only receive methods that help relieve pain instead of treating the source. With neuromuscular dentistry, we can identify the specific bite issues that are causing the symptoms. We can then customize a treatment plan for the patient’s needs with possible services such as TMJ treatment, migraine treatment, headache treatment, jaw pain treatment, and more. Whether the patient is struggling with chronic jaw pain, headaches, or a combination of multiple symptoms, Dr. Chase and the team at Arizona TMJ are here to help.

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Patient Information

We will need to gather information on the patient’s medical history, current condition, allergies, insurance, oral health, and other factors to begin the treatment process. With this information, we will be able to ensure patients receive the customized treatment they need. During the initial consultation, we will examine the patient’s jaw with EMG and TENS technology to provide a detailed diagnosis of the patient’s jaw pain. While there are other treatment options from general dentists, they will only provide temporary relief from the pain. Following the initial consultation, we will determine the most effective treatment plan and schedule the next appointment. We will continue to provide follow-up care to ensure the treatment is working, if necessary.